How to Keep Artificial Grass Fresh

How to Keep Artificial Grass Fresh

Artificial grass is renowned for being hardy and maintaining its lustre with very little maintenance, so you can drop the mower, fertiliser, grass seeds and trimmers, and swap them out for a broom and a hose. This month, Easigrass East Berkshire are here to explain how you can keep your artificial lawn clean and fresh with a few simple maintenance tips.

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Brush your artificial grass

When artificial grass is initially installed, its sand underlayer keeps the blades of grass in place and upright but as the lawn settles, the grass blades become slightly more angular. 

To keep your grass blades bouncy and upright, use a stiff broom and brush the grass, do this gently and at various angles for the best results. 

You may want to do this more frequently in areas where there’s high foot traffic or where garden furniture has been sitting. 

Remove any debris lying on the lawn

Brush up and dispose of any leaves that may be lying on your artificial lawn and if you have any pets that use your garden as a potty, remove excrement in a timely manner, just like you would with a living lawn. 

How to get rid of stubborn stains on an artificial lawn

First and foremost, avoid harsh chemicals; hot soapy water and a brush are all you need! Whether you’ve dropped a glass of red wine or you’re freshening up areas of the lawn where your pooch likes to poop, you can spot clean these areas with ease. 

Using washing up liquid and hot water, mix into a bubbly solution and brush through the areas of your artificial lawn. This should lift away any pesky stains!

If you can still see a stain, we suggest using specific artificial grass cleaners that are just that little bit stronger but also safe to use on your beautiful lawn. 

Don’t be tempted to remove snow and ice

Although you may be worried about snow and ice compressing your artificial grass blades, it can be damaging to move. Allow snow and ice to melt and once it has gone, you can then brush your lawn back into its usual place.

Bonus tips

  • Avoid using sharp objects on your lawn – including high heels and football boots
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on your artificial turf
  • Keep chewing gum and other sticky substances away from your artificial lawn
  • Keep vehicle wheels off your turf – bikes and wheelchairs are fine
  • Trim bushes, hedges and trees back to reduce the amount of debris falling onto your artificial lawn 
  • Avoid using cigarettes, barbeques and fireworks on your artificial turf – stick to your block paving or decking when using these

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