Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

If you think that having the perfect garden and a pet is essentially impossible, think again! Artificial grass is not only safe for pets but also a blessing in disguise that’ll save you time, money and effort. So let’s take a look at how safe and beneficial artificial grass for pets is.

Artificial grass is resilient to curious paws

Unlike living lawns that can be dug up with ease, artificial grass lawns are dense and have a thick backing. This strong design means that when installed properly, your artificial lawns won’t be subjected to mess or holes because your cheeky furball won’t be able to dig down into the ground. Say bye-bye to a patchy lawn and hello to full coverage.

artificial grass for dogs

Pet waste won’t damage artificial grass

Whether it’s urine or faeces, pet waste won’t have an effect on your artificial grass. The permeable backing on the artificial grass will allow the urine to pass through the material and into the ground and the solids can simply be picked up in a bag – just like normal. 

Artificial grass is easy to clean

Although your garden is your pet’s playground and toilet, it’s super easy to freshen up and clean. All you have to do is use soapy water, a hose and a broom to clean your turf. By applying a bit of soapy water and using a broom, you’ll be able to lift any bits of dirt and debris and wash it all away using the hose.

Artificial grass is soft on pets’ paws

Worn and tired lawns can be hard on your pet’s paws and sometimes mud and small stones can get caught in the pads of their paws. Whereas artificial grass is soft underfoot and spongy to protect their little toe beans.

artificial grass for dogs

Artificial grass looks great in all weathers

Even after a downpour, artificial grass will stay looking fresh and won’t be waterlogged and muddy like your typical lawn can. This means that you can have full confidence letting your pet outside for their toilet, knowing that they won’t be bringing in filthy, muddy paws or even worse – coats! Just like urine, rainwater will drain through the permeable layer and into the ground, so you needn’t worry about dealing with puddles of water.

Artificial grass to avoid for pets

To make sure your artificial lawn is pet-friendly make sure you avoid shock pad artificial grass and old or imported artificial grass. Shock pads won’t be able to drain away your pet’s urine and can leave your garden smelly and old or imported grass is likely to be made with a lead backing which can be toxic if they should find themselves nibbling at it. 

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