Real vs Artificial Grass

Real vs Artificial Grass

A few years ago, the decision would have been relatively easy, because there would have been one simple overriding factor. If you wanted an easy life, then you would go for artificial grass; on pretty much every other consideration, the real thing won hands down. The fake grass of the time didn’t look real, didn’t feel real and was worse for the environment.

But things have changed and it’s not quite so straightforward anymore, because artificial lawns have improved a lot over the last few years. So this month, we take a look at the current state of the pros and cons of real and artificial grass.

Loving the look

Early artificial lawns looked about as plastic as they actually were, and didn’t feel much better. Telling one from the other may still not be the hardest thing in the world, but there’s no doubt that artificial grass has got a lot closer in the last few years. And when it comes to doing those things we like to do on grass – play games, have picnics, sit around doing nothing and sunbathing, for example – it more than does the job. And, of course, no matter what you’re doing, you’re not going to be wearing it out while you’re doing it, so if you like your lawn green and pristine, an artificial lawn stays that way all year round, with never an unsightly patch to be seen.

Tipping the work/life balance in our favour

Finding the right balance between work and leisure time is never easy and we’re all constantly looking to eliminate as many of the boring chores from our home life as we can. There’s no getting away from the fact that keeping a real lawn looking at its best takes some effort, with regular mowing being the main task, along with feeding, watering and weeding. Take all that out and that’s a lot more of your summer you’re going to have spare for doing more of the fun things in life.

Not that an artificial lawn is maintenance free, it’s just maintenance considerably reduced. We carry out annual maintenance for customers with artificial lawns that includes things like checking edges and joins and removing airborne spores, algae and bits of debris. And you will need to give it a brush every now and then. But that’s about it.

The birds, the bees and other wildlife

There’s one factor on which the real thing is still ahead and that’s when it comes to the environment. It can play a significant role in attracting wildlife to your garden, because the worms and other insects found in grass and the soil are what attract many of the birds to our gardens, as well as other creatures like hedgehogs. Not that you have to miss out entirely –  you can still use flower beds and plants in pots to attract insects and other visitors to your garden.

Mud and other messes

If keeping your home spic and span is important to you, then you really are going to like artificial grass because no matter what the weather, one thing you’re not going to have to deal with is muddy foot or pawprints. And if you do have pets, then it’s also a lot easier and more hygienic to clean up after their little accidents as well.


At Easigrass, we fit some of the world’s most realistic artificial lawns that could change your summers for years to come! If you like the sound of all the work taken out of having a fantastic green lawn twelve months of the year, then give us a call today.

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