Which areas are best for artificial grass?

Which areas are best for artificial grass?

Once viewed as inferior to the real thing, artificial grass is fast developing a reputation as a flexible alternative that has pretty much all the benefits of a real lawn, but without any of the downsides. 

Among the most generally recognised benefits of artificial grass installation are the drastically reduced need for maintenance and the fact that, whatever the weather, it’s always ready for use and won’t get muddy.

What is perhaps less often understood is how artificial grass can also be an extremely flexible choice, because there are now different types specially designed to suit different uses. This month, the team at Easigrass is examining the question of which areas would best suit artificial rather than real grass.

Artificial grass for gardens

Easigrass East Berkshire - artificial grass for gardens

Quite apart from perhaps the obvious benefits already mentioned, it’s worth bearing in mind that we all have different uses in mind for our gardens, and it’s unlikely that real grass is going to be up to all the demands of the modern household.

That’s why Easigrass can supply and install different kinds of artificial grass for gardens that are safe and suitable for use by children and/or pets, gardens that are likely to see a lot of footfall and activity, gardens designed to be soft and comfortable to sit and lie on – and gardens that are just intended to look fantastic. 

Artificial grass for sports fields

Easigrass East Berkshire - Artificial grass track for schools & play areas


While it’s unusual these days to see professional sports fields get into quite the state they used to during winter, those used for amateur football, rugby and the like can still get pretty treacherous in bad weather. You don’t get that with artificial grass, because it can be very hard wearing, incorporate anti-slip technology and will never become muddy or waterlogged no matter what the British weather throws at it.

Artificial grass for playgrounds

Easigrass East Berkshire - Artificial grass for schools & play areas


As with sports fields, playgrounds tend to see a lot of high-impact activity that is likely to see real grass quickly get worn away. And real grass can be particularly susceptible to differing weather conditions: when it rains it gets muddy and slippery, and when it’s hot and dry it can become hard and bumpy, making it very painful to fall onto. When you’re considering that this is an area that is being used by young children, this can be a key consideration. Using artificial grass for playgrounds with features like anti-slip technology and a shock pad base to reduce the effects of impact means that it’s safe and clean to use all year round.

Other uses for artificial grass

Creating the perfect look for your balcony, patio area or swimming pool surrounds gets a whole lot easier when you realise that artificial grass is also ideal for all these applications. And what makes it even better is that once you’ve nailed that look, you won’t have to keep working on it to make sure it stays that way.


Easigrass East Berkshire has years of knowledge and experience designing and installing artificial grass for both domestic and commercial customers around Bracknell, Maidenhead and Reading. Our experts can advise you of the choices you have for your project, so contact us today and we’ll be delighted to discuss your ideas in detail to come up with the very best solution.

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