Myth-busting Facts About Artificial Grass

If you’ve been thinking about installing artificial grass, you’ve likely come across countless questions associated with it. Is it as beautiful as “real” grass? Is it safe for children and pets? Can you really save time and money in the long run? With so many questions to answer, the lines between truth and fiction can become blurred, making it difficult for you to make an objective decision.

To set the record straight, we’re debunking the myths that surround artificial grass.

Here are five myth-busting facts about fake grass:

Myth #1: Artificial Grass Looks Fake

The early version of artificial turf developed in the 1960s was said to be nothing more than green nylon outdoor carpet, having no resemblance to natural grass. Thankfully, technological advancements have allowed artificial grass to grow in leaps and bounds, allowing us to enjoy the natural-look alternative we see today. Our Easigrass™ synthetic turf products have been designed with quality and convenience in mind, providing fake grass that looks and feels like the real thing but allows you to enjoy a lush garden all year round.

Myth #2: It’s Not Safe For Kids

Lumps, bumps and dips in your natural lawn are commonplace. While its appearance can be an eyesore, it is also a tripping hazard for you and your little ones. When the rainy season hits, you can rest assured your kids are having the best time when playing outside, as you’ll never have to worry about whether they’ll slip and hurt themselves on a slippery surface. Artificial grass provides a non-slip feature, making it a great option for kids who love to play outside no matter the weather conditions. This anti-slip technology also makes it great to add around your swimming pool.

For additional safety, we can install a shock pad base with your fake grass, ensuring there’s always a cushy landing if anyone in your family does take a tumble. When the pollen count from grass increases, so do the moans and groans from your kids. You can say goodbye to stuffy noses and puffy eyes caused by allergic reactions to grass thanks to our hypoallergenic products.

Myth Busting Facts About Artificial Grass

Myth #3: It Limits Your Landscaping Design Options

A major myth around artificial grass is that it doesn’t work well with natural plants and trees, but that could not be further from the truth. Installing an artificial lawn can be a great way to elevate your landscaping design while reaping the rewards of its low maintenance and green features. Here are a few ways artificial grass can enhance your landscaping design options:

  • Versatility: Artificial grass can be installed in various locations, such as rooftops, balconies, and areas with poor soil quality, expanding your landscaping possibilities beyond traditional lawns.
  • Design Flexibility: With artificial grass, you can create intricate designs, patterns, and shapes that are challenging to achieve with natural grass, allowing for more imaginative landscaping ideas.
  • Year-Round Greenery: Regardless of the season, artificial grass maintains its lush green appearance, ensuring your landscape remains vibrant and attractive throughout the year.

Myth #4: Artificial Grass is Bad For The Environment

While synthetic grass often comes under fire for supposedly not being environmentally friendly, the facts say otherwise. You can rest assured that you’re not contributing to the planet’s environmental woes, as you no longer need your gas-powered lawn mower to maintain your new and vibrant artificial grass. You can do the same with pesticides and herbicides, which are used to maintain natural grass and often seep into the soil, harming the environment and wildlife. Additionally, fake grass does not require watering, making it an eco-friendly option for those looking to conserve water.

Myth #5: Installing Artificial Grass Is Expensive

Enjoying a green, vibrant lawn doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. While it is true that the initial investment may be a tad higher, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits. Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance, eliminating ongoing costs associated with watering, mowing and maintaining your natural turf. Over time, these savings can offset the initial investment, making it a worthwhile benefit that will allow you to enjoy a low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing landscaping option. Easigrass™ also offers a range of award-winning products to suit your budget and needs.

Myth Busting Facts About Artificial Grass

In Summary

By separating fact from fiction, it becomes evident that artificial grass is a practical and sustainable choice, providing homeowners with a lush, green lawn all year round without compromising on beauty or environmental consciousness.

At Easigrass™ Berkshire, we pride ourselves on providing you with over 30 years of experience that will allow you to reap the rewards of our award-winning artificial grass for years to come.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today, and let’s help you transform your outdoor space!

Myth Busting Facts About Artificial Grass
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