Why Dogs Love Artificial Grass

Many of us regard our pets as part of the family, and we often consider our family members’ needs when it comes to the requirements of our home. When choosing grass, you want something aesthetically pleasing and safe for your kiddies, which includes your fur babies too!

Unfortunately, maintaining your natural lawn when you have pets can be challenging. Between animal waste, damage from digging and a lingering “toilet” smell, natural grass just won’t cut it.

Artificial grass is the perfect solution to ensuring your pets have a safe and fun area to run and play. Here are a few fantastic benefits that will give our grass two paws up from your four-legged friend!

It’s Soft

Your pets are masters at finding the softest spots to nap. While your sofa may be a comfy location, there’s nothing cushier than a grassy patch. Artificial grass is well-loved by pets because it’s soft on their paws, while pet owners love it because it lowers the risk of their four-legged friends getting injured due to rocks, sticks or harmful bugs.

Easy To Clean

The number one frustration pet owners have is the inability to maintain natural grass when they have pets. Stained and dead patches are common if you’re dog has a favourite spot in the garden for doing his business. This can cause your lawn to look dull and unappealing. Thankfully, the Easigrass™ pet friendly artificial grass range is fully porous, making it easier for your pet’s waste to drain and decompose naturally. Having muddy paw prints and random grass clippings tramped in your home will also be a thing of the past.

No Harmful Chemicals

Keeping your natural lawn green and pristine often requires pesticides, weed killers or fertilisers. When fake grass is installed, you no longer need to use these harmful products, as synthetic turf is not prone to bugs or weeds. You can rest assured knowing your pet is not eating anything they shouldn’t or being exposed to harsh contaminants that could negatively affect their health.

Durable & Tough

Your dog’s natural instinct is to dig, but this can be bad news for your natural lawn. With artificial turf installed, your doggo can run, roll around and dig to his heart’s content without you having to think about ugly dead patches forming. Easigrass™ is tough and durable, making it really difficult for your dog to dig through it. This ensures your dog is happy while you also have the chance to enjoy a green and perfect garden.

Just Like The Real Thing

Perhaps the best thing about having artificial grass installed is that your pet will never know the difference. In fact, our premier and natural look synthetic turf is so realistic you may not be able to tell the difference either! Along with looking like the real thing, your pets can also enjoy fake grass just as they would natural grass. Our quality grass is fully porous, UV stabilised and can be installed on any surface.

Make Your Pets Happy

We all want to do what’s best for our pets because they’re part of the family. Easigrass™ offers a range of pet friendly artificial grass products that pets and pet owners will love. There’s no need to compromise between a beautiful garden and the happiness of your four-legged family member.

For happy little paws and big goofy smiles, get in touch with us today and let us help you create a pet-friendly garden everyone will love.

Why Dogs Love Artificial Grass
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